M Moses courses

­­This introductory-level business course aims to equip current and future entrepreneurs and international business workers with the skills to behave appropriately and market effectively in a foreign environment. The course will blend theory with practice. Students will be exposed to relevant sociological theory and business world examples of ideas through pre-class content (articles, videos, etc.). In class, lectures will be brief, allowing time for group work, during which students will work in teams to analyze foreign regions through the theoretical frameworks discussed in class. Students will engage in role-play simulations and give analysis presentations as part of the course. Students may also be required to reflect on their experiences with the ideas in an online class forum.


Assessment will be based mainly on 2 facets: Team-based presentation projects and individually-graded written midterm and final examinations. In the first half of the semester, teams will work together to choose a country and give a detailed presentation on the nation’s unique culture, paying special attention to prescriptions for business etiquette. Students will also form new teams in the second half of the semester, when they will prepare a marketing campaign tailored to a foreign country of their choice. Students will show understanding of the integration between sociology and marketing strategy by including a discussion of how PEST factors, Glocalization attempts, and Hofstede’s 6 dimensions of national culture informed their strategy. Written exams will challenge students to apply social theories to hypothetical business meeting or marketing scenarios, as well as to compare and contrast the cultures of different countries of the world in a business context. Students will also be assessed on participation during class and in the online class forum.

This is a business English reading and writing course with an emphasis on the documents essential to developing and managing a startup business.